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For an improved Fleet Management

Increase Productivity

Simplify the management of all processes

Make Corrective Decisions



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An Advanced and Flexible PBX System


Developed by Orbcom, Orbox is a solution that consists of an advanced and flexible PBX system that can be easily deployed in any organization.


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Unique Charts for SharePoint

The most advanced chart web part available for SharePoint 2013.

The Orb Chart Web Part is a Web Part that can be created and added to a SharePoint site to enable users to view performance and other types of information at a glance.

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Share and collaborate effectively on content

Your content is growing but is your system for managing it
evolving to cope? It is not simply the amount of content,
but its growing diversity and complexity.

Our work allows your organization to maximize
SharePoint's inherent abilities and functions in a
way that works best for your business.

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