Orbcom simplifies interaction of Unicer Internal Workflows


Unicer had the need to build an integrated workflows platform. To this challenge was added the fact that the company has a dynamic
spirit and is constantly evolving, thus the new application has to meet changing business needs.


The implemented solution has most of the flows directly integrated with SAP. Unicer started to have a web front end for approval and
historical queries and tasks replicated in ERP. The versatility to approve or reject from a mobile device enables a significant time
reduction of user's workflow interaction.


With OutSystems, Unicer now has the following benefits:

✓ User friendly interface that exceed stakeholders' expectations;
✓ Delegation Plan by task type;
✓ All workflows in a single platform;
✓ SAP Synchronization;
✓ Short release cycles;
✓ Process simplification
✓ Easy access to Information;
✓ Paper free;
✓ Real time access to a task list and activities history;
✓ Enchaced mobility - access anytime anywhere from a mobile device.


About Unicer

Largest Portuguese drinks company
Headquarters in Matosinhos, Portugal
Over 1500 employees
Over 24 brands

Products used by Unicer

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