Orbcom integrates Worldwide Business Rules of Salsa Jeans in ERP


By implementing the new ERP in Salsa it became necessary to integrate their global sales. This requirement was going through
integration of all the business rules in the ERP world, including sales, transfers and invoices. Moreover, Salsa had other
independent applications, and intended to incorporate these in the same application, to read all the information on a single
platform, and so decided to rely on OutSystems.


Salsa's new application of Salsa was developed by Orbcom and consolidates all of the features and tools employees need from Headquarters
and Shops in order to operate and communicate. It also Integrates all interfaces from partners.


By using an agile platform, Salsa has achieved the following benefits:

✓ Innovate and proactively respond to new markets, the business and users' overall needs;
✓ Centralized system with one single entry point;
✓ Centralization, integration and control of data (no duplication);
✓ Short release cycles;
✓ Process simplification and optimization;
✓ Easy access to Information;
✓ Real time access to daily activities of a sales team;
✓ Increase in mobility - access anytime anywhere from a mobile device. 


About Salsa Jeans

Portuguese Company and Brand of Clothing
Headquarters in Vila Nova de Famalicão,
Over 1000 employees
Over 35 countries

Products used by Salsa Jeans

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