Share and collaborate effectively on content

Your content is growing but is your system for managing it
evolving to cope? It is not simply the amount of content,
but its growing diversity and complexity.

Our work allows your organization to maximize
SharePoint's inherent abilities and functions in a
way that works best for your business.


With Document Management the primary concern is on the storage spent and improving organization of documents to support active work in progress/completed, including content creation and sharing within an organization or outside of it. When organizations do not have any kind of structured document management system in place, content is often created and saved in an arbitrarily fashion creating decentralized or scattered file shares on individual hard disk drives.

Creating a hard time for employees to search ,share, and work effectively on documents. This also makes it difficult for organizations to use other business information in the content and get the big "picture".

Document Management

This might just make sense for your business

Would you like to have the possibility to access documents in a tree view fashion? Listing of the most important document libraries within a site? Of course, only authorized users could access the document libraries and assigned content. All with a transparent installation on multiple site collections.
If your answer is "Yes", then you really need to consider talking to us!

Document Management

Real benefits for your workdays

SharePoint Document management offers you a easy search of document titles, full text, and other metadata assigned to documents, with any Operating System or computer or browser. This solution eliminates the need to install extra proprietary software, new servers, and schedule new backups because we are just talking about a web interface. Once it is configured the interface will be fairly familiar to most users (Office Experience).

One of the best advantages is that it is fully integrated with Microsoft Office. Yes, the Office you use every day.

Document Management


SharePoint Orb Document Management


Orb Document Management Web Part

    Identify document management roles

    Analysis of document usage

    Workflows planning


    Content Types

SharePoint Orb Document Management Brochure

Available soon.

Document Management