Unique Charts for SharePoint

The most advanced chart web part available for SharePoint 2013.

The Orb Chart Web Part is a Web Part that can be created and added to a SharePoint site to enable users to view performance and other types of information at a glance.

Are you lost in your company's information?

In this fast pace World the need to obtain accurate information is very important. The more organizations collect data, the more this growth has to be analyzed. With the integration of this data, via visual representations, users can easily extract information and build reports based on the information visualized.


Custom, simple and amazing Charts

✔ Possibility to configure through a SharePoint List of Data

✔ Create several Charts with a button click
✔ Configure Charts' labels, titles and headers 


Unique look with impressive data

It combines the power of SharePoint with extra plugins to present to the user a visual representation of important information. This allows any SharePoint user to create SharePoint lists to the chart engine consume and generate the graphic with unique and impressive look.



SharePoint Orb Charts


Orb Charts Web Part

    Configured through a SharePoint List of Data

    Several Charts

    Charts' labels, titles and headers customization

SharePoint Orb Charts Brochure

Available soon.