An Advanced and Flexible PBX System


Developed by Orbcom, Orbox is a solution that consists of an advanced and flexible PBX system that can be easily deployed in any organization.


Need to centralize your business communications?

Orbox is a tailor-made, innovative and completely flexible solution for IP PBX (a call center that makes calls through the internal internet network) that allows easy management and monitoring of calls made within any organization. The implementation of this solution is very simple, requiring only a single intervention!


Converged data and voice networks on one platform

✔ Compatible with various phone models and carriers

✔ Inter-office calls

✔ Implementation of Call Center Features

✔ Complete and custom reports

✔ Auto Attendant

✔ Call Recording


The perfect solution for managing your business communications!


Orbox fits into your organization's structure and contributes to increased productivity and cost savings at many levels (hardware, licenses, technical support, maintenance contracts, paper, and more)!


Orbox Presentation

See Orbox's presentation here!