For an improved Fleet Management

Increase Productivity

Simplify the management of all processes

Make Corrective Decisions



How is your fleet?

JAT Fleet Management provides the tools you need to manage your fleet allowing you to make informed decisions, based on real data.

JAT Fleet Management

Costs, Services and contracts Control

Easily control all fleet maintenance processes - services, contracts and costs!

✔ Setting up automatic notifications

✔ Access to the detailed history of each vehicle

✔ Advanced data analysis tools


JAT Fleet Management

Increase profitability

Monitor and analyze all costs, cost per km and cost of interventions per vehicle, by viewing data in graphs and widgets, or reports that can be shared.

✔ Cost management - tolls, fuel and events

✔ Access to the detailed history of each vehicle

✔ Event approval circuit

JAT Fleet Management

All the information you need

Analyze and export all information, for each vehicle, by time period, contract data, insurance, maintenance operations, approval history and respective costs.


JAT Fleet Management