The new way to work together.

Connect with employees across the enterprise - use SharePoint to engage
with people, share ideas and reinvent the way you work together

A new and simplified user experience

SharePoint is a web application platform offering a set of tools that can be used to provide intranet portals, document and file management, collaboration, and social networks, and the platform offers many more process and workflow capabilities

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 makes it easier for people to work together. Using SharePoint 2013, your people can set up Web sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions.


Share. Organize. Discover. Build. Manage.

SharePoint has always been about sharing--documents, information, tasks--and providing the collaboration and productivity experience customers need to get work done--on their terms..  Today, SharePoint's broad platform capabilities serve many key organizational needs such as content management, search, collaboration, enterprise social and business intelligence.

Organizations are looking to simplify integration and management of these components, and SharePoint has made administration even simpler with a much lower TCO footprint. File sync and share with SkyDrive Pro adds to the broad capabilities that SharePoint already provides for no additional cost.


Put social to work - Share what you’re working on

The explosion of social networks has altered significantly the way in which we share, organize, discover and manage information.

As specialists in SharePoint we design, develop and implement projects that help you take value of information available in your company, whether through the interactions with the outside of your organization (client, suppliers, etc.) whether information generated internally by your team.


SharePoint Development

Orbcom is able to provide end to end solutions like corporate intranets, social platforms and website experiences or augment existing project teams and provide
specialist skills and knowledge at any point in your roadmap.
By developing Intra and Extranets, we are able to improve the existent resources in the organizations and integrating different processes by using centralized management and optimizing
synergies and the collaboration between customers and suppliers. Some of the features we had created are possible to replicate in different environments such as:
CRM processes, Incentive Management, E-sourcing, E-procurement. 

Highly Experienced SharePoint Consultant

Orbcom is a highly experienced, professional services company. We help our clients gain maximum return on investment and competitive advantage through the implementation of SharePoint Technology.

Based on years of delivering Microsoft based solutions for customers, we have developed our own way of doing things. Our methodology encompasses structured activities, plans and deliverables but also takes into account the uniqueness of your business.


Certified consultants and developers available to work on your side

Orbcom provides different outsourcing services and teams. The experience, skills and certifications of our consultants are the foundation of a successful partnership with any organization, whatever its size or the complexity of the project. 

The outsourcing teams have the aim to provide to our clients adaptive capacity,  cost and reduction of risks to specific business processes.

Need an experienced consultant to work on your company? Free feel to contact us!


Nearshore Services

Orbcom assumes responsibility for business projects, systems and applications, transferring their specialized employees in order to provide skills that are not available in customer companies. 

The advantages? Better communication, Local delivery of software, Cost Reduction, Greater value in development projects applications and much more!

Why choose Orbcom? 
We are a company with 12 years experience in IT development, we have a specialized team of certified developments in IT solutions and we are guided to our customers, focusing on the growth and productivity of the business.