A new way to deliver mobile and web applications. Fast.

 Developed once for all devices, easily integrates existing systems and rapid delivery, effortless change.

It's all about Agility

OutSystems provides the only open, high-productivity application platform (PaaS) that makes it easy to create, deploy and manage enterprise mobile and web applications - helping IT deliver innovative business solutions fast.

OutSystems Platform enables rapid delivery of beautiful applications for all devices utilizing responsive or device-specific web design. It is available as a public cloud, private cloud and on-premises solution.

Hundreds of companies in 25 countries across 22 industries use OutSystems Platform to create and deliver custom, mission critical applications.


OutSystems Platform - Builded once for all devices

Leverage responsive design to create multi-device applications without extra effort. Your applications will look amazing and work seamlessly across all form factors, by default.

Harness the power of HTML5 and CSS3 without deep-diving into them. Add native capabilities like geolocation, camera, notifications and on-device app integration.


Integrate everything

OutSystems Platform makes it extremely easy to integrate any external enterprise system, database or custom app.

A comprehensive set of pre-built connectors allow you to connect to just about anything from SAP, Oracle and salesforce.com, to databases and cloud services. You can build your own connectors using SOAP and RESTful web services or by leveraging your own Java or .NET code.

With OutSystems Platform there are really no limits to what you can easily integrate and extend.


OutSystems Development

With Outsystems development plataform and agile methodology we are able to develop solutions in a shorter time period, increase  the cycle of new versions with new features,reducing the application maintenance cost, and increase return on investment, through lower costs and shorter finishing time.

The Consultant you’re looking for

Orbcom is a highly experienced, OutSystems services company. We help our clients gain maximum return on investment and competitive advantage through the implementation of OutSystems Technology.

Based on years of delivering OutSystems based solutions for customers, we have developed our own way of doing things. Our methodology encompasses structured activities, plans and deliverables but also takes into account the uniqueness of your business.


Certified developers available to work on your side

Orbcom provides different infrastructure outsourcing services and teams. The experience, skills and certifications of our consultants are the foundation of a successful partnership with any organization, whatever its size or the complexity of the project. 

The outsourcing teams have the aim to provide to our clients adaptive capacity,  cost and reduction of risks to specific business processes.


Nearshore Services

Orbcom assumes responsibility for business projects, systems and applications, transferring their specialized employees in order to provide skills that are not available in customer companies. 

The advantages? Better communication, Local delivery of software, Cost Reduction, Greater value in development projects applications and much more!

Why choose Orbcom? 
We are a company with 12 years experience in IT development, we have a specialized team of certified developments in IT solutions and we are guided to our customers, focusing on the growth and productivity of the business.