Orbcom launches Orbox!


Orbox is an innovative and completely flexible solution for IP PBX that allows easy management and monitoring of calls made within an organization.

Although integrating really advanced functions, this solution has a simple and unique installation, since it configures itself automatically, being compatible with several types of operators (analog / digital / GSM) and telephones models.

orbox_img.png (2)

Unlike a conventional PBX, that requires separate networks for voice and data communications, Orbox integrates converged data and voice networks!

Through an intuitive and user-friendly portal, the user can easily configure all available features such as call recording and recording, inter-office calls services (zero costs), voice conferencing rooms, video-calls, call-center, as well as automatic answering and forwarding services.

In addition to that, it allows you to create complete and customizable reports so that you can analyze the calls made by user, by location, by contact, by call state and by waiting time and if you want, you can even export all the information.

This solution promises to revolutionize the communication process in many organizations, while contributing to increased productivity and cost reduction at various levels (hardware, licenses, technical support, maintenance contracts, paper, among others).

To learn more about Orbox contact Orbcom: info@orbcom.pt | +351 225 400 069.