Melgaço's Alvarinho and Smoked goods fair with Cisco Meraki Technology


Melgaço's Alvarinho and Smoked goods fair (FAFM), organized by the municipality of Melgaço, took place on 1-3 May this year, attracting thousands of visitors once again.

A new highlight this year which helped attract even more visitors, was the fact that all throughout the event visitors and stand owners had free access to a wi-fi network via Cisco Meraki technology.

The festival began in 1995, presenting itself as a showcase of local products to local people. Over the years studies showed that FAFM became a fair recognized nationally, a fact that led Portugal Tourism office to recognize this event as an Interest for Tourism in 2009. All local producers of Alvarinho and smoked goods are present at the Fair. Through suitable promoting of the event and with the help of important partnerships, FAFM is now a key event of the gastronomic festivals in the country, attracting people from various parts of the country and also a large number of Spanish tourists, mainly from neighbouring Galicia.

The goal of the organization was to provide high-speed wireless coverage to more than 10,000 participants in a public area of about 25,000 square meters, as well as many other areas.

This solution, implemented in just one day by Orbcom together with Paulo Cardoso and Paulo Gonçalves, members of the city council IT department, enabled the municipality of Melgaço to offer excellent service in Wireless Outdoor Network. This technology was active 24h / day during the 3 day event and was spending about 2000 GB of data.

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